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Doctor Who: The Time Machine Download Released

Doctor Who: The Time Machine Download Released

16 November 2013

We're pleased to announce the long-awaited release of the download of Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine, the final chapter in the anniversary series. Information on the CD will follow later in the week.

Join the anniversary celebrations with the final release in the Destiny of the Doctor range, The Time Machine - now available from Big Finish!

23 November 2013. In an Oxford laboratory, graduate Alice Watson helps Professor Chivers assemble the final pieces of an impossible machine. A time machine.

The scientist and his assistant believe they are making history, little suspecting that the project’s completion will threaten the existence of the entire universe. But someone has sensed the danger, and when the mysterious Doctor arrives, Alice is taken on a desperate race from libraries and dreaming spires all the way to the nightmare world of Earth’s future.

The monstrous Creevix are coming. They seek control of time itself and are certain that the Doctor is already too late to stop them.  But can the key to saving the future lie in the Time Lord’s past lives?

Starring Jenna Coleman, Michael Cochrane and Nicholas Briggs and written by Matt Fitton, Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine pulls together all the threads from the series into one epic finale! Find out how it all ends now on download, and if you've bought the CD, this time we'll be making the download available to purchasers, so if you've ordered it on any format, you'll be able to access the download version. We'll be making an announcement about the CD version of the story later in the week.

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