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Energy of the Daleks - Out Now!

Energy of the Daleks - Out Now!

16 April 2012

It was inevitable really, wasn't it? We couldn't really have a whole series of Fourth Doctor Adventures without him battling his greatest foes, could we? Yes, this month's release sees Tom Baker and Louise Jameson (as the Doctor and Leela) face off against the Daleks.

For Tom, of course, Energy of the Daleks is the first time since 1979's Destiny of the Daleks that he's gone hat-brim to eyestalk with everyone's favourite malevolent pepperpots - but for Louise it's a first! That's right: it's Leela's opening encounter with the Daleks, and she's not going to find it a pleasant experience. And speaking of unpleasant experiences, she's not quite ready for the 21st century either. But then, is the 21st century ready for Leela?

Guest stars include: Mark Benton (TV Doctor Who story Rose, plus innumerable other credits including Waterloo Road, Land Girls, The Street and Northern Lights), Alex Lowe (countless comedy credits, including The Late Edition, The Thick of It, Lead Balloon and Peep Show) and TV Sontaran Dan Starkey, giving life to both Kevin Winston and a Roboman.

Energy of the Daleks is available now as a CD or download, and can also be bought as part of one of our Fourth Doctor Adventures subscriptions.

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