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First Doctor Adventures 2

First Doctor Adventures 2

4 June 2018

Another two adventures await the first TARDIS team next month, with The First Doctor Adventures Volume Two. The trailer for this new box set starring David Bradley, Claudia Grant, Ian Glover and Jemma Powell is available now.

After travelling back to New York in around 1888 and encountering the first incarnation of the Master, it’s full steam ahead for the First Doctor, granddaughter Susan, and companions Ian and Barbara in The First Doctor Adventures Volume Two, out next month.

2.1 The Invention of Death by John Dorney

After an experimental flight, the TARDIS crew find themselves on one of the strangest worlds they have ever encountered.
Alien life takes many forms, and on Ashtallah the travellers find all their preconceptions tested.
But this world is about to make a discovery – and it could mean the end of everything.

2.2 The Barbarians and the Samurai by Andrew Smith

In 19th Century Japan, Westerners are forbidden. So when the TARDIS arrives near Lord Mamoru’s castle, the daimyo’s Samurai are soon on their trail.
Uncovering secrets at court and treachery in the ranks, the Doctor and his friends are drawn into intrigue.
And, as a battle begins, they are caught in the middle.

You can get more information and behind-the-scenes interviews with both writers in this month’s Vortex magazine where Andrew Smith reveals his extensive research for The Barbarians and the Samurai, and John Dorney teases us about a new alien species for the first TARDIS team to discover. You can download Vortex here.

Available in July on CD and download, you can pre-order The First Doctor Adventures Volume Two at £23 on CD or £20 on download.

Or you can save money with a bundle. Pre-order Volume Two with Volume One for £45 on CD or £40 on download.

Volume One of The First Doctor Adventures was released on Christmas Day last year straight after the Doctor Who television special Twice Upon a Time. Why not have a relisten to it before Volume Two is released next month?

Plus you can watch First Doctor Adventures The Time Meddler, The Ark, The Gunfighters and The War Machines tonight for free on Twitch! Head to to find out more.

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