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Fourth Doctor and Leela

Fourth Doctor and Leela

18 January 2018

Four new adventures with the Fourth Doctor and Leela are out now.

In The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7: Volume 1, the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Leela (Louise Jameson) travel further into the cosmos bumping into old foes – the Voc robots from the planet Kaldor – and travelling into the depths of the mind.

The Sons of Kaldor by Andrew Smith

Finding themselves in a seemingly deserted spaceship on an alien world, the Doctor and Leela stumble into some familiar foes – the Voc robots from the planet Kaldor – and… something else. Something outside. Trying to get in.

The Crowmarsh Experiment by David Llewellyn

When attacked on an alien world, Leela falls unconscious… only to wake in another time, another place. Surrounded by familiar faces on unfamiliar people, Leela knows what is true and what is false. But how long can she believe when everyone around her says it’s a dream? What’s really happening here?

The Mind Runners by John Dorney

The Doctor, Leela and K9 arrive in the city that covers all of this dying world as it prepares to evacuate its people, and they immediately find themselves involved in a mystery. Who or what is responsible for the wave of death? Is it the motorised cult known as the Digitals? The enigmatic Mr Shift?

The Demon Rises by John Dorney

A killer has been uncovered, but the mystery is far from solved. The Doctor, Leela, K9 and their friends are on the run, pursued from all sides. All the clues point to one place – but getting there alive may prove impossible. The dark secret at the heart of this world is about to be revealed.

“I’m very excited by the move of The Fourth Doctor Adventures releases to box sets,” producer David Richardson told this month’s Vortex magazine. “It means that people will be able to binge on the episodes, and ultimately we’ll be able to do more interlinked stories. Also, as time goes on, you’ll find we’re moving more towards four-part stories too, which has really given us an opportunity to play with the scale of the subject matter and depth of the characters…

“We’ve been making these Fourth Doctor Adventures for a few years now so it’s time to shake things up a little, while still holding on to all the elements that made them such a success in the first place.”

You can get Volume 1 of the seventh series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures on CD at £25 or on download at £20. Don’t forget that all CD purchases unlock a download option on the Big Finish website or the Big Finish app. These Fourth Doctor tales can also be purchased individually on download at £8.99 each.

Or you can save money with a subscription: get Volumes 1 and 2 together at £45 on CD or £40 on download.

More details on The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 7: Volume 2, coming out in May this year, will be revealed soon.

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