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Graceless Special Offer This Weekend - 3 for the Price of 1!

Graceless Special Offer This Weekend - 3 for the Price of 1!

21 March 2014

There's a huge Graceless special offer happening this weekend: you can get all three box sets for £10 each - or £25 if you get all three as a bundle! With a normal price of £25, it's 'buy one, get two free' all weekend, so hurry on over to the Graceless range page to take advantage!

Played by Ciara Janson and Laura Doddington and first introduced in Doctor Who main range story The Judgement of Isskar, Abby and Zara are living Tracers, created to track down segments of the Key to Time. In the aftermath of that story, though, what are two specially-created girls to do? The answers are in Graceless.

Abby and her sister Zara are not real people. They were made, created by pan-dimensional beings – the Grace – to help save space and time.

The Grace gave them special powers. With just a thought they can be anywhere or when in the universe. They can affect people, see into their heads, influence their thoughts.

And they’re still learning what they can do...

This weekend you can get any of the three Graceless box sets for only £10 each, or all three of them for £25. With the usual price of these box sets at £25, that's an opportunity to buy one and get two free! The offer runs until Monday.

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