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Iris Wildthyme 4, Graceless 3

Iris Wildthyme 4, Graceless 3

22 February 2013

Iris Wildthyme’s big red bus is heading back for more adventures. Series four of Iris Wildthyme is now available for pre-order. Katy Manning and David Benson return as everyone’s favourite Trans-temporal Adventuress and the redoubtable Panda. Also now available for pre-order is the final series of adventures for Abby and Zara in Graceless 3...

With stories written by David Bryher, Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, Iris Wildthyme: Series Four sees Iris and Panda facing spectral party-poopers, alien bullies intent on invading the World Dart Championships and a brain itch that threatens the very fabric of time and space.

As a special treat, anyone who pre-orders series four of Iris Wildthyme will also receive a free ebook featuring four short stories from Obverse Books’ Iris Wildthyme short story collections. The Further Adventures of Iris Wildthyme includes Unhappy Medium by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, The Dreadful Flap by Paul Magrs, First Meeting by Stuart Douglas and Iris Wildthyme and the Unholy Ghost by Ian Potter. Pre-order today and receive the ebook when it is published in early March. We'll also be giving away a free wallpaper with which to adorn your computer.

Also now available for pre-order is Graceless 3, which finds the Grace-created Abby and Zara having to face up to their past and discovering whether they have a future. It's the final series, and there are plenty of shocks and surprises in store as writer Simon Guerrier brings things to a dramatic close...

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