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Lost Stories Series Four

Lost Stories Series Four

27 July 2012

The Lost Stories, Big Finish’s audio productions of stories that were devised for television but never made, will return in 2013 for a fourth and final season.

“It’s been a hugely satisfying – and sometimes Herculean! – job reviving these previously lost adventures,” says producer David Richardson, “but we feel that with these last four stories that the line will have run its course. These new tales are for the first three Doctors and, like the hugely popular Farewell Great Macedon, they’ll be told with a mix of enhanced narration and dialogue.

“The first three stories all have a theme – they are all adapted from original paperwork submitted by Brian Hayles, who wrote The Ice Warriors, The Seeds of Death, The Curse of Peladon and The Monster of Peladon.”

The series kicks off in September 2013 with The Dark Planet, which is six episodes long and has been adapted by Matt Fitton. The story is performed by William Russell and Maureen O’Brien with guest stars John Banks and Charlie Norfolk, and is set on a world where light and dark are at war.

“It was an extraordinary experience to record this,” says David. “The script feels so authentic to the era that Maureen was convinced she’d actually filmed it back in the Sixties. She took quite some convincing that it hadn’t actually already been made!”

Four-parter The Queen of Time will be released in October 2013, and is adapted by Catherine Harvey. It is performed by Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury, while Caroline Faber (Merlin) plays Hecuba – the titular Queen.

“This one finds the TARDIS landing in a realm which is ruled by a woman with a particular fascination for time. Brian Hayles devised this one as a spin on The Celestial Toymaker, and there are indeed links between Hecuba and the master of toys and games…”

The Ice Warriors will return in November 2013 in the six-parter Lords of the Red Planet, which will be adapted by John Dorney.

The series ends in December 2013 with Third Doctor story The Mega, a tale that was devised by Bill Strutton, who had previously written The Web Planet. This six-parter is adapted by Simon Guerrier.

The next Lost Story, The Masters of Luxor, is released in August. The six-part tale was originally planned to be the second ever Doctor Who story; it is performed by William Russell and Carole Ann Ford and adapted by Nigel Robinson.

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