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Latest Website UPDATE

Latest Website UPDATE

11 May 2012

Improvements continue... The latest from our Web Producer, Richard Dinnick.

'As many of you will have noticed, we have started implementing our long-term fix to the issues with the database and releases missing from people's online download accounts.

'So far (including future releases that you won't have noticed are missing!) some 40,000 releases have been reinstated. This represents about 90% of the missing downloads, but we are still working on sorting out the broken aspects of the database and, unfortunately, this seems to be affecting certain orders for Lost Stories at this time.

'In the meantime, if you would like to have the Guardians of Prophecy placed into your account manually, please contact the office on or our Web Producer on and either Paul or I will be able to help you. We no longer have to change your password, which means you should have these even more quickly.

'We are also aware of a few one-part releases and other oddities appearing in some people's accounts erroneously. Thank you to all those very honest customers who have let us know about this. These will be removed in due course.'

Executive Producer Nick Briggs adds, 'Please accept our apologies for this. We are working hard to ensure that this rather confused situation does not continue for much longer. I hope, also, that you will forgive us for the lack of podcasts over the past two weeks. Not only have we all been too busy with web issues to record them, we thought it rather inappropriate for us to try to lark around in front of the microphone when our efforts would be better focused on solving all the problems. Thank you all for your continuing patience.'

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