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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

Missy... alone, unleashed, and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around?   

Sometimes, Missy isn’t the only bad person in the room. Sometimes, she meets others with their own naughty plans. And whoever they might be – medieval thieves, wayward students, renowned assassins – Missy will bring out the worst in them...   

Returning for a full box set of miss-adventures for the first time since 2021’s Missy and the Monk, the irrepressible Michelle Gomez gives her unique take on the Master in Missy: Bad Influence

Across three heinous adventures, Missy teams up with a Time Assassin, gets stuck on an island where something dangerous lurks in the woods, and conducts a medieval heist like no other. Plus, she can’t seem to escape a figure from the past – or is it her future?  

Gomez is joined in the first episode by Paterson Joseph (Wonka, The Leftovers) as renowned Time Assassin James Blakelock. And the third story guest stars Natalie Gumede (Titans, Doctor Who: Last Christmas) as Anne and Rupert Vansittart (Game of Thrones, Andor) as Baron Rufus. 

The Worlds of Doctor Who – Missy: Bad Influence is now available to purchase as a collector’s edition box set (on CD for just £24.99) or a digital download (for just £19.99), exclusively here

The three stories in this box set are:    

Missy and the Time Assassin by David Quantick 

Missy gets to meet a hero. But James Blakelock, Time Assassin doesn’t quite live up to the legend – although he is very easy on the eye. Although she has places to be and species to annihilate, Missy can’t help herself, so she tags along on James’ next mission. After all, a little bit of assassination never hurt anyone… 

Bad Apples Brigade by Freddie Valdosta 

Missy finds herself stranded on Brownsea Island with a troop of girls sent there to improve themselves. But these girls are troublemakers, and Missy has a few lessons to teach them. 

Only, they’re not alone. Something lurking in the woods has history with Missy – but for her, that might be the future… 

The Baron Robbers by Lou Morgan 

Bored and stranded in the 14th century, Missy is looking for a way out. Any way at all. Luckily the spectacular ruby owned by Edward, the famed Black Prince, might be just what she needs to get her broken vortex manipulator working again. But someone else is after the ruby too – and the question is, who wants it more... and how low are they prepared to go to get it? 


The cast of Missy: Bad Influence also includes Ian Conningham, David Shaw-Parker, Joanne Pearce, Richard Reed, EM Williams, Ruby Ablett, Beth Eyre, Tracy Wiles, and Ben Porter

Michelle Gomez said: “I’m always happy to return to the world of Missy and the silly, wonderful nonsense that she gets up to. She’s like a cat. I love cats, and I wanna pet cats, but I know that at any minute they could turn on me. She toys with people – manipulates, charms, and toys – and I’m sure one of these days, she’s gonna get her comeuppance.” 

Paterson Joseph added: “As soon as I read the script, I thought ‘I have to do this’, because I smiled all the way through reading it. I worked with Michelle on Green Wing many years ago, and I thought this would be great fun. 

“Our dynamic is a bit like straight person to funny person. In a comedy duo, there’s always someone who’s the feed to the funny, and she’s obviously very, very funny. Having someone who’s quite jolly but completely psychotic, and also quite misanthropic as well – she doesn’t care about anything or anyone – is really joyful.” 

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