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New Website Launch Primer

New Website Launch Primer

28 April 2012

As you will be aware, we will be launching the new Big Finish website on Monday 30th April. Ahead of that, we thought it would be good to take you through the stages of that launch so there is no confusion or frustration.

At some point on Monday, the existing site will be taken offline. This is so that we can take a version of the database and mesh it with the new site. This is to ensure that all your orders and downloads are in place for when the new site comes online.

During this period, customers will not have access to their accounts and no downloading will be possible. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we have to have a cut-off point, so that people don’t make orders with us that then get lost down the crack between sites old and new!

At this point we will put up a holding page that will say pretty much what we’re saying here. The site will then be ‘closed’ for a period of time during which we will do our final pre-flight checks and the DNS (Domain Name Servers) will be changed to point at the new site.

As Nick was explaining in the podcast recently, the internet works in a hierarchical system of computers called servers. Your computer or device will be attached to one of the top tier servers via a chain of other servers. How quickly you will see the new site will depend on how short the chain is between your computer and the top tier servers. We envisage this shouldn’t take longer than two or three hours.

Once we have the DNS completed we can make the ecommerce elements live, link the forums up and ensure that all the orders and account details are showing on the new site correctly.

If all this has been successful, we will then remove the holding page and the new Big Finish site will be live for your delectation. Keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook because we will make an announcement there to let you know when you should be able to see the new site.

In the meantime, Nick has crafted a very handy guide to the new website to help you find your way about. If you haven’t already seen it, you can whet your appetites for the new site by checking out the video, which can be found on our YouTube page here.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We hope you’ll think it’s all been worth it.

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