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New Website Launch Postponed Until Late April

New Website Launch Postponed Until Late April

11 April 2012

As Nick said might be the case in last week's podcast, we are sorry to have to announce a delay to the launch of our new website. At Big Finish we are always striving to make things better for you, our loyal listeners, and while in the final phase of testing the new site we realised that we had an opportunity to do just that.

“It will be like Big Finish offering the same level of ecommerce as Amazon or something!” new Web Producer Richard Dinnick says. “We’re sad to have to delay the launch but when it comes to doing things fast or doing things right, Big Finish prefers the latter."

That doesn’t mean we can't be both right and relatively fast, though. We’ll need new merchant codes and time to integrate the currencies with the improved ecommerce system, but we’re pleased to say that the new site will now launch on Monday 30th April. So you won’t have to wait too much longer for all those bells and whistles!

“The extra time also gives us a chance to give you more of a heads-up on the new site,” Richard adds. “We’ve already outlined the site in general and looked at ranges and hubs in specific, but we can let you know about other aspects of the new site such as the new subscription process. Every cloud...!”

Watch this space for further information and updates, and apologies for the slight delay. The current website will continue to operate as normal in the interim.

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