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Out Now: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper

Out Now: Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper

3 September 2013

Now available is Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper, the latest entry in the Destiny of the Doctor range. Entering the era of the new series, it finds the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack seeking the elusive Whisper in New Vegas, and stars our very own Nicholas Briggs!

New Vegas, 23rd Century – a sprawling city huddling beneath an artificial atmospheric bubble on a distant moon. Pleasure seekers flock there from every corner of the galaxy, to take in the shows and play the tables in the huge casinos. But beneath the glitz and the glitter, organised crime rules the streets.

Whilst Rose Tyler works as a waitress in the Full Moon nightclub, Jack Harkness poses as a reporter for the Daily Galaxy. Meanwhile, the Doctor is helping the police department with their investigation into The Whisper, a strange vigilante that has been terrorising the city’s underworld. But the Doctor is also on a mission of his own – to save Police Chief McNeil’s life at all costs.

Big Finish's executive producer Nicholas Briggs performs the story brilliantly - check out his splendid Ninth Doctor! - with support from John Schwab, most recently heard playing Hunter in our first Stargate SG-1 Series Three Box Set.

Also now up on the website is information for the final two releases in the range, Death's Deal and The Time Machine, so you can check out the cast, credits and covers, and also pre-order.

The download of Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper is available now, and CD copies will be sent out later this week. Destiny of the Doctor is a co-production with AudioGo.

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