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Doctor Who: Peri Brown... What Happened Next

Doctor Who: Peri Brown... What Happened Next

27 June 2014

What happened to Peri Brown during and after The Trial of a Time Lord? In that 1986 TV story, Peri was killed... or possibly married to the warrior Yrcanos. Or possibly both.

The mystery is addressed in an upcoming trilogy of adventures starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri. It begins in October with The Widow's Assassin by Nev Fountain, which takes up Peri's story a few years after trial, as the Doctor and his former companion are reunited...

November's release is Masters of Earth by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott, which, as the title hints, features the return of the Daleks and the Robomen, and is set during the Dalek occupation of Earth in the 22nd Century.

The trilogy ends in December with The Rani Elite, which sees the debut of Siobhan Redmond as a new incarnation of the evil Time Lady.

The three stories are available to pre-order individually or as part of our discounted subscription deal.

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