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Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor!

Peter Capaldi IS the Doctor!

5 August 2013

Everyone here at Big Finish would like to offer huge congratulations to the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. 'For us,' says executive producer Nick Briggs, 'He's the one that got away!' Photo © Rankin

Nick has revealed that, after working with Peter on Torchwood: Children of Earth, he emailed Peter and asked him to be in various Big Finish productions from time to time. 'Peter was always enthusiastic, but he was always so busy. He just told me to keep asking,' says Nick. 'When we met on set, he was fully aware that we'd actually already asked him to appear in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio, but it was actually the Torchwood job that had clashed with it that time.'

Big Finish co-executive producer and company chairman Jason Haigh-Ellery has also crossed paths with Peter Capaldi, as Jason has been involved in producing West End theatre for some time now. 'Peter played the part of Professor Marcus in the new version of The Ladykillers, which I was one of the producers on last year year,' explains Jason. 'He was amazing, and his performance might provide some clues for how he may play the Doctor. He made no secret of his love of Doctor Who, indeed his dressing room was littered with Daleks and TARDIS models, mostly opening night presents from friends and family.

'My gift for him?' reveals Jason. 'A copy of Tom Baker's Destination: Nerva, so that he could hear "something new from the Doctor" - hilarious in context, as he is now that something new!'

'Peter was really lovely to work with,' says Nick. 'He made me feel like a million dollars by being so thrilled to meet me on set. As I went up to him to shake his hand, he said, "You've no need to introduce yourself to me, Nick Briggs, I know exactly who you are!" And we proceeded to gossip and giggle about Doctor Who in our shooting breaks.

'His performance was breathtaking to behold. He was playing a very haunted, troubled character. He was utterly mezmerising. I know he's going to be a truly amazing Doctor Who,' says Nick, adding, 'I know cynics might say this all sounds like a rather desperate attempt to associate ourselves in some way with a new era of Doctor Who -- but we're just all so excited!'

Photo © Rankin

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