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Series 9 Saturdays – Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters!

Series 9 Saturdays – Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters!

17 October 2015

A Viking legend seeks to conquer the world with this week's special offer!

We hope you enjoyed The Girl Who Died. But this isn't the first time the Doctor has clashed with a Nordic legend – and you can find out for yourself with our special offer on Doctor Who: Gods and Monsters – available to buy today for just £5 on both CD and Download.

Starring Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier, Maggie O'Neill and Amy Pemberton, this epic adventure brings together two TARDIS crews for an epic showdown with old enemy Fenric (John Standing) and his legion of Haemovores – who first appeared in television classic Doctor Who: The Curse of Fenric!

The TARDIS travellers arrive in a bizarre landscape seemingly immune to the physical laws governing the rest of the universe. Ace, Hex, Sally and Lysandra battle to rescue the Doctor from the trap he's walked into… soon realising that the odds are stacked against them.

Because the Doctor is playing an old adversary again: Fenric, shatterer of worlds. But the gods and monsters who inhabit this strange realm loaded the dice against them long ago, in the dim and distant past – and defeat's their only option.

This brilliant two-disc adventure by Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes is on special offer for the rest of this weekend – but hurry, the offer must end Noon Monday 19th of October!

You can find the other adventures of the Black and White TARDISes listed on the Big Finish website here. And don't forget that the Seventh Doctor and Ace begin the next stage of their journeys together in our upcoming Main Range release Doctor Who: You Are the Doctor and Other Stories. Check out the trailer below!

Join us next week for another fantastic offer as we celebrate The Woman Who Lived – where a very familiar highwayman has their sights set on the Doctor!

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