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Series 9 Saturdays – Doctor Who: The Mind's Eye

Series 9 Saturdays – Doctor Who: The Mind's Eye

14 November 2015

Stay awake all night with our special offer on some sweet dreams...

We hope you enjoyed Sleep No More. But if you find yourself too terrified to fall asleep tonight, why not enjoy another of the Doctor's dreams with Doctor Who: The Mind's Eye for only £5 on both CD or Download.

This nightmarish tale stars Peter Davison as the Doctor, Nicola Bryant as Peri and Caroline Morris as Erimem, as the TARDIS team arrive on a hostile new world:

This is a warning to all space farers. You must keep away from this planet. It’s hostile, repeat, hostile.

On a planet with no name, the Doctor finds himself confronted by a faulty memory and some killer plants.

In a distant galaxy, Erimem leads a troubled empire.

Back on Earth, Peri tells her son about the good old days when she used to travel with a man called The Doctor.

Available this weekend for just £5 on both CD or Download, this double-disc release also contains the one-part story Doctor Who: Mission of the Viyrans. Order your copy today, but hurry - offer must end Noon, Monday 16th of November.

You can also enjoy our weekend of special offers on the entire Doctor Who: Dark Eyes saga celebrating Paul McGann's birthday. As ever at Big Finish, any of these titles purchased on CD unlock instant access to a download version.

Join us again next week after Face the Raven – where the Doctor and Clara are on a journey to discover an invisible world filled with old friends – and some old enemies!

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