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Terrahawks - NEW Release Date and Video

Terrahawks - NEW Release Date and Video

31 March 2015

We're delighted to announce an updated release date for our brand new Big Finish series - Terrahawks: Volume 1 releases Friday 3rd April.

Thanks to a speedy warehouse delivery (and a lack of sabotage by android supervillains), Big Finish are pleased to announce that our eagerly awaited revival of Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr's classic series will be available to all purchasers this Friday - on both CD and Download!

Terrahawks: Volume 1 continues the adventures of Dr Tiger Ninestein, cloned leader of the international defence force, the Terrahawks. Piloting their terrific fighting machines, and with the aid of the robotic Zeroids, the Terrahawks defend the Earth from the evil android Queen Zelda, and her family of monsterous androids.

An epic and authentic revival of an eighties classic, masterminded by Jamie Anderson, Terrahawks: Volume 1 is a five disc, eight story set, and available to pre-order now.

Buying through the Big Finish website also unlocks an exclusive behind the scenes PDF, featuring archival content from the original series - and as usual, there's no postage cost for anyone pre-ordering.

To celebrate our change of date, we also have another one of Tom Saunders's fabulous behind the scenes videos, where Nicholas Briggs and Jamie Anderson discuss the making of the new stories.

A special free episode of the set Deadly Departed, is also available to download now from the Big Finish site. In this preview instalment, the Terrahawks may finally have achieved victory over the androids, when Zelda is destroyed in battle. But that won't stop her family continuing her legacy, with a state funeral the likes of which the world has never seen! You can download the episode here, or listen on our Soundcloud link below.

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