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The Confessions of Dorian Gray Episode 3 Released

The Confessions of Dorian Gray Episode 3 Released

10 November 2012

The third episode of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, The Twittering of Sparrows, is available now for download, and features special Doctor Who guest star Katy Manning!

Singapore, 1956. A simple game of mahjong exposes Dorian to a whole pantheon of ancient demons. But why is he actually visiting Pulau Ujong? And what is his connection to the mysterious Isadora Rigby?

Based on Oscar Wilde's famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray and positing a world in which Dorian Gray was all too real and knew Wilde, The Confessions of Dorian Gray stars Merlin's Mordred, Alexander Vlahos, as the titular immortal. Three episodes are now available, with the fourth due to be released next Saturday. A subscription option is also available.

Enthusiastic reviews continue to flood in for the series, including the following:

The Sprout: 'The Confessions of Dorian Gray is a wonderful take on one of literature’s most infamous characters first made popular by Oscar Wilde. It mixes beautiful writing with excellent voice acting to present its listener with a dark and adventurous story, set in Paris 1900. Dorian is voiced by Alexander Vlahos, who you may have seen playing Mordred in the BBC series Merlin. His dark take on the character is complimented wonderfully by the ominous music and the tenebrous storyline. He handles Llewellyn’s beautiful writing delicately and brings great passion and emotion to the role.'

Sci-Fi Bulletin: 'David Llewellyn gives Vlahos ample opportunity to show the different facets of Dorian’s character – he can be hedonistic, inquisitive and full of a righteous anger. Director Scott Handcock weaves a soundscape around what could be a very talky half-hour that creates the atmospheres of the various places in which it’s set. But it’s the confrontation – because that’s what it becomes at times – between Steffan Rhodri’s Wilde and Gray that is at the heart of this story, overshadowing the horror element. So much is left unsaid between the two, about lost and wasted potential, and regrets at the ways of the world that it feels, in a good way, as if you’ve been listening to something much longer.'

Planet Klibignaitis on Gallifreybase: 'This is excellent. It reminds me in parts of Dark Shadows' equally wonderful London's Burning. Sound design is beautiful, as are the performances. Very eerie story - this is shaping up to be an unmissable series.'

Eiphel: 'The Houses in Between has assured me that the splendid opening episode was no fluke, and that this is a series being produced with a clear, smart vision. Every aspect is polished and on target.'

Von_Dingle: 'This series is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. I can't wait until next week already!'

We've also spotted the following tweets:

'Second episode of Dorian Gray…Whoa. So good. I got scared. And then I got emotional. And then I got even more emotional.'

'@vlavla (Alexander Vlahos) you've gained a fan, a pitch perfect performance, loved it. @scott_handcock's Dorian Gray is absolutely fantastic!'

''@scott_handcock the new C. of Dorian Gray is as brilliant as the first ! Cant stop singing this song. Look forward to the next. Well done!"

'Am sitting in park b4 work listening to Confessions of Dorian Gray ep 2. Chills.'

'Confessions of Dorian Gray episode 2 is wonderful. Amazing. So good that I subscribed - something that I rarely do!'

'Oh god, The Houses in Between, I’m crying.'

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