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The End of the Month is Here

The End of the Month is Here

31 March 2017

As the end of the month approaches, so does the end of some frozen pre-release prices on popular Big Finish titles...

From the start of April (tomorrow!), some previously exclusive-to-Big-Finish titles will see the pre-release prices end as they go on general release.

Torchwood One - Before the Fall ("Highly recommended!," says We Are Cult) is currently £15 on Download and £20 on CD for just one more day, before it goes up to £20/£25 respectively:

This month our Torchwood monthly releases started again with Torchwood - Visiting Hours. The six stories taking us through to August can currently be subscribed to for just £40 (Download) or £45 (CD); these special early pre-release prices revert to the normal subscription rates of £50 and £55 from next month:

Doctor Who - The Diary of River Song Series 2 was first released at the beginning of the year, to great acclaim ("The Big Finish team know their characters so well and they know where the line between great storytelling and great fanservice is and this box set sits right on that line," Doctor Who TV). It is still at its initial release price of £20 on Download and £23 on CD, which becomes £30/£35 from Saturday:

Last September's collected box set of 2013's anniversary Doctor Who - Destiny of the Doctor tale has been a Big Finish exclusive since its release, priced at £25 and £30. From April it's available from all other good retailers as well as Big Finish for £40 on CD. It remains purchaseable as a Download from Big Finish for £30.

Check out our Big Finish - Exclusive range, containing stories you can only get as Big Finish listeners, most of them still at special pre-release prices!

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