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The First Doctor Adventures - shipping now!

The First Doctor Adventures - shipping now!

20 January 2018

The brilliant first set of adventures with the First Doctor, Susan, Barbara and Ian is out now.

Everyone who ordered the CD version of The First Doctor Adventures Volume One should get ready as the CDs are leaving the Big Finish warehouse now! First released on download after the television Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time, you can hear more adventures of the First Doctor from Big Finish.

A new but very familiar TARDIS team star in this new volume of adventures as David Bradley’s First Doctor is joined by his co-stars from the BBC TV Movie, An Adventure in Space and Time, with Claudia Grant playing Susan, Jemma Powell as Barbara and Jamie Glover as Ian.

Blogtor Who has rated the new First Doctor Adventures 10/10! “The core spirit of the original TARDIS team is recreated superbly. Claudia Grant captures Carole Ann Ford’s portrayal of Susan with all her insecurities and moral certitude. Jemma Powell, now a Big Finish veteran playing Barbara in the Early Adventures, is splendid as the level-headed, compassionate history teacher. Jamie Glover, despite sounding different from Ian, nevertheless gets all the right inflections down pat.

With a second volume due in July, we can’t wait to hear more from this superb cast. The First Doctor promised to come back one day, and it’s great he’s done it in such a tour de force!” 

"The stand out performances have to be given to David Bradley and James Dreyfus," says Gallifrey Archive, "and with news that Dreyfus’ First Master will be in upcoming Big Finish releases, I can’t wait to hear him again...Matt Fitton’s script is definitely enjoyable, and if you want to hear the First Doctor written correctly, and performed brilliantly, then I would recommend this without a shadow of a doubt."

Indie MacUser praises the direction of the First Doctor Adventures, "Nicholas Briggs does a great job in both of these stories and captures the spirit and energy of the First Doctor whilst still giving us something that seems new and vibrant. This really is all you want in a First Doctor set. I not only look forward to more Big Finish sets but I also think stories like this would make a great special TV movie (maybe for the 55th anniversary?); we can but hope! Either way you need to buy this box set!"

Available on CD and download, you can get The First Doctor Adventures Volume One and Volume Two individually at £23 on CD or £20 on download, or save money with a bundle and get Volumes One and Two together at £45 on CD or £40 on download.

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