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The Listeners - Doctor Who: Patient Zero

The Listeners - Doctor Who: Patient Zero

6 May 2014

This month's story in The Listeners celebrates the return of Charlotte Pollard in her first series of solo adventures by looking at the start of her final trilogy of stories with the Sixth Doctor. It's Doctor Who: Patient Zero.

Starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and India Fisher as Charley, Doctor Who: Patient Zero begins the lead-up to Charley's final farewell to the Doctor and bridges neatly into her first fully-fledged solo series, out this month.

Finally, the Sixth Doctor challenges Charlotte Pollard to tell him the truth. Who is she really? What is she doing in the TARDIS?

To discover the answers, the Doctor must travel back in time, beyond all known civilisations to the vast, mysterious Amethyst Viral Containment Station. But answers lie within the TARDIS too. Someone who has been there a long, long time...

Meanwhile, the Daleks have travelled back in time on their own mission, to bring them the ultimate victory they crave. But it is a mission so complex and delicate that even they know they must beware the web of time...

Who is Patient Zero? What has happened to Charley? And why have the legendary Viyrans been summoned?

For this month only, Doctor Who: Patient Zero is available for £2.99 on download and we'd like to know what you made/make of it! You can chat about the story on the forums or on our Big Finish Facebook page, and you can learn more about it in this month's Listen Again in the new issue of our free downloadable magazine, Vortex.

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