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The Listeners - Sherlock Holmes: Holmes and the Ripper

The Listeners - Sherlock Holmes: Holmes and the Ripper

2 September 2013

Month four of The Listeners, and our opportunity to discover or revisit a classic audio and discuss it heads for the Sherlock Holmes range, with a chance to hear Holmes and the Ripper.

Executive producer and portrayer of Holmes Nicholas Briggs has this to say about the story: 'Holmes and the Ripper was originally a stage play I was in, some years ago. It's by Brian Clemens [The Avengers] and playing Holmes in it on stage was a fantastic experience. Brian actually came to see the production and was very pleased with what he saw, so I spoke to him about doing a possible audio adaptation. He's a very generous chap and was very keen to do it. So this and two other Holmes stageplays enabled me to get our Holmes range off the ground. I handled the audio adaptation, but very little work needed to be done, because Brian is such a great writer.'

You can get hold of the download for only £2.99 this month, and while this newer release didn't require an audio upgrade, it does now have an audiobook option. Whether you picked this release up back in 2010 or more recently, or are about to grab it in our offer, we want to hear your thoughts! How was Nick's debut as the Great Detective? What would you like to hear in our Holmes range in the future? Are you looking forward to December's The Ordeals of Sherlock Holmes box set? Get chatting now, on both the forums here and our Facebook page!

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