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The Prisoner – New Trailer

The Prisoner – New Trailer

19 November 2015

Big Finish is pleased to present a preview of The Prisoner: Volume 1 – including a brand new trailer!

Coming in January 2016, The Prisoner: Volume 1 reimagines the highly influential 1967-68 ITV series as a bold new audio production. Mark Elstob features as Number Six, a former spy imprisoned in the mysterious 'Village', in a role made famous by original series star Patrick McGoohan.

Desperate to learn Number Six's secrets, the Village's authorities use ever more ingenious methods to bend the Prisoner to their will – including 'Rover', a menacing, howling ball-like object. The Village is administrated by Number Two – a role taken in this series by actors John Standing, Celia Imrie, Ramon Tikaram and Michael Cochrane.

Written and directed by Big Finish executive producer Nicholas Briggs, production on Volume 1 has now been completed – and we're pleased to unveil a new trailer in celebration. Listen via the SoundCloud player below:

Also starring in The Prisoner: Volume 1 are Sara Powell, Kristina Buikaite, Jez Fielder, Helen Goldwyn, Jim Barclay, Barnaby Edwards and Sara Mowat. The five-disc box set contains the following four stories – with the first and final episodes featuring an extended 80' running time!

Episode One: Departure and Arrival

A failed meeting in Belgium catalyses Agent ZM-73 to resign from his top secret post, but when he wakes the following morning everything has changed — even his name. Trapped in a bizarre coastal village, and with his every move monitored by the mysterious Number Two, the man now known as Number Six struggles to make sense of it all.

Episode Two: The Schizoid Man

Six finds himself fascinated by a strange bond which has suddenly developed between himself and Number Nine. But the next morning, Six wakes to find himself changed. A moustache, different hair, and… a new name. Number Twelve.

Episode Three: Your Beautiful Village

Something is very wrong, as Six experiences the most disturbing sense deprivation. Almost complete darkness, filled with haunting sounds, fragments of conversations, and a desperate call from Nine start to test his reason.

Episode Four: The Chimes of Big Ben

A new prisoner arrives in The Village. The woman is strong-minded, independent, and refuses to accept her new number — Eight. She is not a number, she is Nadia. And Six is convinced that she is his ticket out of The Village.

Available in the New Year, this deluxe five-disc set includes an in-depth Behind-the-Scenes audio documentary, with the physical version being packaged in a lavish colour booklet (pictured here) containing professionally photographed images of the cast, articles by Nicholas and specially commissioned artwork.

You can pre-order The Prisoner: Volume 1 today for just £40 on CD or £35 to Download. As with most Big Finish website CD purchases, a download copy is instantly and exclusively available upon buying — and with the set not available on sale beyond our website until the end of March 2016, it's the perfect opportunity to ensure you're one of the first to listen!

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