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The Return of Dorian Gray

The Return of Dorian Gray

16 April 2013

Big Finish Productions is pleased to reveal casting and story details for the second series of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, starring Alexander Vlahos, beginning in August.

The second run of The Confessions of Dorian Gray will be available to download from in August and can be pre-ordered now at £2.99 per episode, or £12.99 for the series. It opens with The Picture of Loretta Delphine by Gary Russell: an all-out horror story set in contemporary Florida. Katharine Mangold (Dark Shadows: Speak No Evil) guest stars as Kayla Grant, whose mother previously assisted Dorian with the thwarting of notorious local serial killer Loretta Delphine.

The series continues with The Lord of Misrule by Simon Barnard, Murder on 81st Street by David Llewellyn and The Immortal Game by Nev Fountain, before concluding with Scott Handcock's finale Running Away With You, featuring guest star Lalla Ward, best known to Big Finish audiences for her portrayal of the second incarnation of Romana in Doctor Who.

'Lalla's done so much voice work with Big Finish,' says producer and director Scott Handcock, 'but she's only ever had the chance to play Romana, which is such a shame. Working with her on the final Gallifrey series (out in October) made me aware of how much more she could deliver, and so I sounded her out about the role of Constance Harker in my episode. To my relief, Lalla was thrilled and really went for it - and I promise, it's unlike anything you'll have heard from her before...'

Details for the remainder of the second series and the hour-long Halloween special, together with the full-cast adaptation of Oscar Wilde's original novel, will be announced in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the first series is available to download for only £2.99 an episode, or £12.99 for the entire series. The hour-long Christmas special featuring Sherlock Holmes is also available for just £5.

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