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The Rising Costs of Postage and Production

The Rising Costs of Postage and Production

24 April 2012

As Nick mentioned in a recent Podcast and those in the UK may well be aware, the British Post Office in the UK has put up its prices by a very substantial amount. In the case of first class, this rise is over 30% and for second class it’s over 38%.

At Big Finish we have always done everything we can do to keep the prices you pay as low as possible. However, almost everything that goes into making one of our productions has risen in price and we have kept prices down for as long as we can. Indeed, our last price increase was in 2004. We even weathered a 2.5% rise in VAT.

Unfortunately, this rise in postage costs really is the final blow and we have therefore taken the decision to add a token postage charge to each physical release. These new prices come into effect on 30th April and so when the new site launches, it will be accompanied by the new postage contributions.

Despite the actual cost of postage being considerably higher, we will be adding 51p to each jewel case release. There will also be charges made for Box Sets, but these will vary depending on size/weight.

Despite the fact that our customers abroad already pay a contributory postage fee, this will be changing to a standard £1 for each jewel case release as opposed to the varied charges that currently apply.

However, in order to keep things as affordable as we can NO postage fees will be made for pre-orders. And NO postage fees will be applied to any form of subscription or bundle order.

We are very sorry to have to make these changes but we have held the prices of our products down for as long as we can. There have been so many increases in costs that we have managed to absorb for you by making as many economies on the productions as possible without compromising the quality.

The new “Postage Contribution” will appear in the “My Basket” part of the new web site.

We hope that should you wish to, you can take advantage of the lower prices on the current site until 30th April – particularly with the special offers available on the first 50 Doctor Who Main Range releases this week. 

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