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For The Love Of StoriesBig Finish produce fantastic full-cast audio dramas for CD and download.

As David Tennant returns to our screens as the Fourteenth Doctor, Jacob Dudman takes on vocal duties as the Tenth Doctor in a brand-new box set of audio adventures, released today from Big Finish Productions.

Producer Alfie Shaw said: “Defender of the Earth is a real blast from the past for me. It was already written when I became producer of the various Doctor Who – The Doctor Chronicles ranges and we recorded one story a week over the early days of lockdown in 2020. We were all still getting to grips with remote recording and it was a bit of a learning curve. But it was a real comfort having the recordings to look forward to during those strange and trying times. 

“In this set we’ve got a suspenseful World War Two horror, a cerebral tale on a moon base, a surreal historical involving the suffragette movement and a thoughtful ecological thriller set in the near future. 

“Jacob is one of my favourite audiobook readers at Big Finish. He’s got such a wonderful range, is so easy to work with and has absolutely smashed it out the park again.” 

Doctor Who – The Doctor Chronicles: The Tenth Doctor: Defender of the Earth is now available to own as a collector’s edition CD box set (+ download for just £24.99) or as a digital download only (for just £19.99), exclusively here


Jacob Dudman is joined by a guest performer in each of the four thrilling new adventures in this box set, as follows:  

The Thing in the Forest by Trevor Baxendale, guest starring Camilla Arfwedson 

Norway, 1943. Resistance fighter Ilsa Johansen was sent to locate a British agent. Instead, she stumbles across the Doctor. Pursued through the woods by enemy forces, it’ll take all their cunning to survive. 

But, it isn’t just the Nazis that are hunting them. Something else stalks the forest. Something that could change the course of the war forever. 

The Opacity Factor by Carl Rowens, guest starring Thalissa Teixeira 

The work that Director Jenel Kilum’bu and her team are doing at MoonCentre 7 could change the future. So when the Doctor somehow breaches the MoonCentre’s security, she’s very keen to be rid of him. 

Yet, the Director’s about to discover that getting rid of the Doctor isn’t going to be as easy as she first thought. 

Freedom or Death by Alice Cavender, guest starring Cathy Sara 

While awake, May campaigns as a Suffragette. However, whenever she sleeps, May dreams of a war she cannot comprehend. A war on a world full of impossible things. 

May needs a doctor. Luckily for her, one’s just arrived. 

The Siege of Shackleton by Una McCormack, guest starring Rebecca Brewer 

The Earth is dying. Ravaged by the effects of climate change, the Doctor lands amid one of the most volatile eras of Earth’s history. With resources dwindling and tensions running high, the fragmented remnants of humanity are poised to wipe each other out. 

The Doctor wants to negotiate, but not everyone wants to listen to him, and annihilation creeps ever closer... 

Praise for Doctor Who – The Doctor Chronicles: The Tenth Doctor

“Jacob Dudman does excellent work, start to finish... his ability to narrate and carry each story is effortless.” – Blogtor Who 

“ is important to say how eerily good Jacob Dudman is with his take on Tennant’s Doctor, both in the comic and the more dramatic moments.” – CultBox 

"... it has to be stated once again just how perfect a choice Jacob Dudman is for this set. He brings a lot of skill when reading these stories, and you do find it very easy to forget that it’s not Tennant himself. He’s also a man with a lot of talent.” – Winter is Coming 

“This is a real tour de force for Jacob Dudman. Helming the set both as the Tenth Doctor, the companions and most of the cast and he does a wonderful job of narration.” – Indie Mac User 

All the above prices include the special pre-order discount and are subject to change after general release. 

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