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The Time War 2

The Time War 2

5 April 2018

Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor attempts to survive a burning cosmos with companion Bliss and some exciting new cast members in a universe at war in Big Finish’s Doctor Who The Eighth Doctor The Time War 2.

The second series of this epic range has just wrapped and The Time War recommences in July this year – and are we in for a treat!

Along with Paul McGann and Rakhee Thakrar as Bliss, are Nicholas Briggs playing the Daleks and Jacqueline Pearce who returns as Cardinal Ollistra – a key player in Gallifrey’s battleplan in the Time War.

Also joining the Time War as Cardinal Ollistra’s right-hand officer is Nikki Amuka-Bird playing Tamasan, who Doctor Who viewers will recognise as the Glass Woman from the BBC TV Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time.

As the Time War gets more treacherous, the Time Lords become more desperate and they’ll use anything and anyone at their disposal… The Twelve (previously the Eleven played by Mark Bonnar in Doom Coalition and Ravenous) enters the Time War, played by Julia McKenzie.

And a villainous species returns… last seen on TV in the Third Doctor era of Doctor Who (and appearing in Big Finish tales Return of the Daleks and The Romance of Crime), the Ogrons enter the Time War.

The four new adventures in The Time War 2 are:

Lords of Terror by Jonathan Morris
Planet of the Ogrons by Guy Adams
In the Garden of Death by Guy Adams
Jonah by Timothy X Atack

Writer Guy Adams talks more about the casting of Julia McKenzie as the Twelve, “There are very few times in my life when, while looking at ways to improve something, I haven’t thought: ‘It needs more Margaret Rutherford.’ Naturally, the Dame is immortal and yet inconveniently impossible to hire, so while I approached the character of The Twelve with her in mind I was painfully aware we were unlikely to get her.

"No matter! Look who we got instead! I mean, there are very few times in my life when, while looking at ways to improve something, I haven’t thought: ‘It needs more Julia McKenzie.’ Everything needs more Julia McKenzie, one of our finest, most charismatic actors. I am already stood outside the studio waiting to offer her cups of tea and eternal servitude."

The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 2 will be released in July 2018, and The Time War 3 and The Time War 4 will be released annually thereafter. The first series, The Time War 1 is available now at £40 on CD or £35 on download. All CD purchases also unlock a digital download on the Big Finish website or the Big Finish app.

Or you can save money with a bundle and get the complete range of The Time War series 1–4 at £88 on CD or £80 on download.

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