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Thirteenth Doctor special offers week 4

Thirteenth Doctor special offers week 4

28 October 2018

Doctor Who is back on our screens and all of us at Big Finish couldn’t be more delighted about it. To celebrate, every week we’re taking you through the Doctor’s past lives up until Thirteen, with some special offers...

To coincide with the new series of Doctor Who on television, some of our Doctor collections will be on special offer throughout the whole TV season and other specific releases will be available each week. But please note, each week the offer prices will ‘regenerate’ so don’t miss out on the bargains when you see them!

You can pick up Destiny of the Doctor – The Complete Adventure, The Light at the End (Big Finish’s celebratory 50th anniversary Doctor Who release) and Classic Doctors New Monsters Volumes 1 and 2 all on special offer.

Any and all of these releases are the PERFECT place to start if you’ve not heard Doctor Who on audio before!

Head to page and use access code DOCTOR13 to get these special offers.

In week four of the 11th TV series with the Thirteenth Doctor, we’re exploring stories from the era of the bohemian Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. Big Finish was delighted when Tom Baker decided to return to the role of the Doctor in 2012, and he hasn’t stopped since!

Even after the long absence, Tom Baker effortlessly recreates the trademark wit, wisdom and humour of his Fourth Doctor incarnation. Paired with Leela (Louise Jameson), Romana I (Mary Tamm), Romana II (Lalla Ward), K9 (John Leeson) or new companion Ann Kelso (Jane Slavin) coming next year, it's always a nostalgic trip back to the 1970s in stories designed to capture the distinctive flavour of that era.

To get a flavour of the Fourth Doctor when Philip Hinchliffe was producer, you can get the first volume of Philip Hinchcliffe Presents on special offer this week.

Philip Hinchcliffe, who produced Doctor Who from 1975–77 and oversaw many all-time classic stories including Pyramids of Mars and The Talons of Weng-Chiang, returns to the Fourth Doctor and Leela in an audio drama collaboration with Big Finish. Philip Hinchcliffe Presents – The Ghosts of Gralstead/The Devil’s Armada is available now at the special price of £25 on CD or £22 on download.

Plus there’s a bumper collection on special offer with The Lost Stories: The Fourth Doctor box set. The Lost Stories are stories and scripts from the time of original recording that never made it to the television screens… until they were made by Big Finish. Get these lost Fourth Doctor stories at £25 on CD or £22 on download.

Big Finish were lucky to be able to record some stories with the late Mary Tamm, who played the first incarnation of Time Lady Romana, in the second series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures. You can get one of these stories, The Auntie Matter, on special offer now at £5 on CD or £2.99 on download.

And if you’re a fan of Romana, why not get a story with all her incarnations? Luna Romana is a Companion Chronicle starring both Lalla Ward and Juliet Landau, a later incarnation of Romana, made to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who back in 2013. Get it today at £6.50 on CD or £5 on download.

More news on the Fourth Doctor will be appearing on the Big Finish website tomorrow – so stay tuned!

Why not ask other listeners on social media for their recommendations on the best stories to start with.

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