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This Month's Doctor Who Titles Out Now!

This Month's Doctor Who Titles Out Now!

11 June 2013

It's a bumper crop of release today as we release the three Doctor Who releases for June: Doctor Who: Prisoners of Fate, Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Council of War and Doctor Who: The Dalek Contract.

Out today are the latest of our Doctor Who releases.

Main range release Doctor Who: Prisoners of Fate ends our current trilogy of Fifth Doctor adventures with a twisty tale from the pen of Jonathan Morris as the Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa are forced to confront head-on the consequences of Nyssa's travels in the TARDIS since Helheim, begun in Doctor Who: Cobwebs.

Over in Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: Council of War, by Scarifyers creators Simon Barnard and Paul Morris, Sergeant Benton finds an undercover job taking on a life of its own when he gets involved in the life of Margery Phipps and the affairs of Kettering.

Last but not least, Doctor Who: The Dalek Contract, by Nicholas Briggs, brings the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 face to face with everyone's favourite malevolent pepperpots as our heroes begin to unravel the plans of the sinister Cuthbert and learn he's brokered a deal which may prove his undoing...

All of these titles are available for download now, and CD copies are now winging their way to subscribers and those who pre-ordered.

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