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Torchwood Latest!

Torchwood Latest!

21 April 2017

We've the first news on August's Torchwood release...

Torchwood - The Dying Room by Lizzie Hopley, starring the acclaimed Simon Russell Beale has been confirmed as the August release for our hugely popular and critically acclaimed monthly Torchwood series, with a cover and trailer to follow soon:

"In this room everyone learns the truth. And neither of us will be quite the same when we leave."

Paris, 1940s. The German-occupied city is in a state of turmoil – a plague ravages the streets, turning people into deformed monsters.

The city’s finest hotel is under siege. SS interrogator Grau has come here to find out the truth. Grau has one night to cure the plague and to unmask the mysterious Madame Berber and who she's really working for. Herr Grau knows all about Project Hermod. And now he's going to find out all about Torchwood.

Torchwood - The Dying Room can be pre-ordered today for £7.99 on Download and £9.99 on CD - or Subscribed to as the last of a six-story run of tales for £45 on Download and £50 on CD.

Early May's The Capitol II convention near Gatwick plays host to - among a wealth of guests - actor Kai Owen and Big Finish producer James Goss who will take part in a Torchwood panel and discuss what's coming up for the British Empire's alien-battling organisation. At present, some tickets are still available.

Check out all of our Torchwood releases here, including special releases such as Torchwood - Outbreak and Torchwood One - Before the Fall. Previous runs of our monthly Torchwood series can be bought in special-offer six-story bundles for £45 on Download and £55 for CDs each.

Our most recent Torchwood release was this week's Torchwood - The Dollhouse, with a video trailer now online:

And next month sees the return of Burn Gorman's Owen Harper in Torchwood - Corpse Day:

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