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Vortex in your Download Folder

Vortex in your Download Folder

4 May 2012

Did you know, that from now on, you will get a free download of Vortex in the download folder of any audio download you buy from Big Finish? Well, you do now.

For some time, we've been sending out free printed copies of Vortex to anyone who buys a CD from Big Finish, and although it is free to download Vortex as a PDF or word file direct from, we thought we'd make it even easier for you to get hold of a copy. When you buy a download from Big Finish, you'll find the latest edition of Vortex in your download folder.

As you may know, Vortex is our FREE magazine (did we mention that it's FREEEEE?) about the world of Big Finish. It's full of articles, interviews and news about all our ranges. The PDF version also has hotlinks to relevant pages on our website so that you can look things up and listen to trailers whilst you're reading.

'We hope this new way of getting hold of Vortex will prove helpful to our download listeners,' says Nick Briggs. 'It's one of those good ideas where you wonder why no one thought of it before. I think it was Richard Dinnick that came up with the idea. So, well, done, Richard!'

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