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August 2012 #3: September Releases

August 2012 #3: September Releases

28 August 2012

Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg talk September titles.

We're spoiling you this month! As August rattles on towards its end, we present another brand new podcast, this time looking ahead to September!

Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Paul Spragg are on hand once more to take you gently through the stories coming your way, from the full-tilt ending of the latest Seventh Doctor trilogy Gods and Monsters to the beginning of a brand new trilogy linking three Doctors across one epic narrative in The Burning Prince.

The Companion Chronicle provides some background on the Black TARDIS trilogy as Aristedes and Sally Morgan go on a secret mission in Project: Nirvana, the Lost Stories takes Jamie and Zoe into an encounter with the Rosemariners, there's a reunion of sorts for Bernice Summerfield in new box set Legion and its unforgettably titled tie-in novel and Dark Shadows sends Tony Peterson on a dangerous journey in The Last Stop.

There's also a competition (to enter mail, the same address to which you can mail any questions for us to answer), a tease of Dark Eyes, your letters and a spot of violence. It's all available to download or stream now!

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