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Dark Shadows - Bloodlust Final Podcast (March #04)

Dark Shadows - Bloodlust Final Podcast (March #04)

20 March 2015

The producers and writers of Big Finish's recent Dark Shadows - Bloodlust series have got together to record an exhaustive podcast...

As part of our Dark Shadows special offer weekend, writers, producers and directors Joseph Lidster, David Darlington, Will Howells and Alan Flanagan get together to record a definitive podcast about the making of Dark Shadows - Bloodlust, talking about the genesis of the project, the work that went into it, casting and plot ideas, writing an episodic drama, they answer listeners' questions, and there's even a podcast competition!

Be warned that it is very spoilery to those who've yet to listen to the Dark Shadows - Bloodlust series, though we're also putting this podcast available as a download to anyone who's bought the last episode in the run, so you can listen to it when you're fully up to date!

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