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Dark Shadows - Bloodlust Podcast (January #10)

Dark Shadows - Bloodlust Podcast (January #10)

28 January 2015

We take an extensive look behind the scenes of Big Finish's popular Dark Shadows serial Bloodlust, with the writers, director and producers...

As Big Finish's Dark Shadows serial - the 13-part Bloodlust - reaches its halfway point this week, the producers and writers have taken some time to have a round-table discussion about where it came from, the origins and background of the show itself, the aspects of writing the whole adventure, and how it's been received and the issues it raises.

Join Joseph Lidster, David Darlington, Alan Flanagan and Will Howells for a fun and informative conversation, there's a tiny clip of Episode 7, plus nowhere else will you get a first-hand account of the great Pizza Express battle...

There will be another podcast after Episode 13 is released - email with any questions you'd like answered or discussed!

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