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Doctor Who, a New Competition and Things About Paul Spragg (July #15)

Doctor Who, a New Competition and Things About Paul Spragg (July #15)

31 July 2013

It's a brand new podcast from the Big Finish office, and Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are back with a brand new competition - and a wide range of music...

As promised (threatened?) in the previous podcast, executive producer Nick Briggs turns the spotlight onto the cruelly overlooked and hideously underpaid Paul Spragg, producers' assistant par excellence. Find out what a typical day in his life is like, from getting up in the morning and eating his bowl of gruel to going to bed in a room barely big enough for a hamster.

Yes, it's all the information you never needed, but don't tune out or you'll miss some great background music and the chance to enter our brand new competition! Paul is beautifully modelling the prizes in our accompanying picture, and to enter, simply e-mail your answer plus your name and address to It's the same address for any messages of support, questions and offers to take Paul out of his horrifying existence and upgrade his nightly dinner from half a Bird's Eye potato waffle to a whole one. We eagerly await word.*

* Large sections of this blurb may not be true.

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