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Doctor Who and Stargate in December (November 2012 #3)

Doctor Who and Stargate in December (November 2012 #3)

20 November 2012

Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg take a few moments prior to their trip to Chicago TARDIS to preview the December releases! And watch trains.

Executive producer Nick Briggs and trusty sidekick Paul Spragg take a bit of time between important work items to do an as-live podcast! Anything could happen - but mainly dead air.

There's a chat about Sarah Sutton's intriguing performance in Doctor Who: 1001 Nights, a desperate hunt for a trailer for Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Child, an update on Stargate SG-1: Series Three - Part Two, a quick trip through Doctor Who: Voyage to the New World, musing about the mystery that is Dark Shadows: A Collinwood Christmas and some of your letters!

So if you'd like to know what's next for the Eighth Doctor and when he changed into his new costume, the correct way to pronounce 'treatise' and when it was that Paul last heard the word 'Wowee', this is the podcast for you. Plus: trains!

You can mail us at, which is the same address for all competition entries.

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