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Doctor Who, Christmas and Crispmas (December 2012 #6)

Doctor Who, Christmas and Crispmas (December 2012 #6)

20 December 2012

In today's 'recorded-as-live' Christmas podcast, Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are joined by special guests (executive producer) Jason Haigh-Ellery and (marketing 'gnu') Kris Griffin - mainly to talk about the Eighties and confuse Nick...

But there again, since Nick is about 300 years older than Jason, Kris and Paul, that's not too difficult.

Under discussion today... Once again, the assembled team talk about Christmas, with some surprising and slightly shocking revelations! Jason reveals himself as a thoroughly foul-mouthed individual (gasp!) and Kris turns out to be a thoroughly nice bloke.

Paul Spragg reads out your emails, some of them in response to yesterday's desperate plea for material! Many thanks for your contributions.

There's also some refrigerator trouble and Jason has something to say about Nick's cooking. And, of course, there is much, much more.

Don't forget tomorrow's 'recorded-as-live' podcast features, along with the return of David Richardson, special guests script editor Alan Barnes and director Ken Bentley. It will also feature the results for our last competition.

If you want to contribute to the podcast, please email anything, including strange noises and music, to

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