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Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Preview (October #4)

Doctor Who: Dark Eyes Preview (October #4)

24 October 2012

This week we present a very special Doctor Who: Dark Eyes podcast!

Writer, producer, director and Dalek Nick Briggs talks to his stars, Paul McGann (the 1996 TV movie's Eighth Doctor) and Ruth Bradley, about next month's Doctor Who: Dark Eyes box set. How is the Eighth Doctor dealing with recent events? Who is Molly O'Sullivan and what's her role in proceedings? And why are the Daleks so interested in both of them?

November's five-disc box set will reveal all, but in the meantime you can hear Paul and Ruth's thoughts on the experience of recording the story and hear some enticing clips to whet your appetite! The box set can still be ordered at its special low price of £20, or as part of our Special Releases bundle. In the meantime, you can download or stream the new podcast now!

And a quick reminder that the latest competition is still running; for the question, check out the previous podcast, and you can send your answers to

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