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Doctor Who, Blake's 7, May Releases, Competition and More!

Doctor Who, Blake's 7, May Releases, Competition and More!

2 May 2013

You know how it's seemed quite normal on the podcast of late? Well, those days are over, as Nick Briggs is back in the office and podcasting the usual joyous gibberish once more with the help and hindrance of Paul Spragg.

It's a packed podcast for the start of May. Nick and Paul trip gently through the month's releases, including Tegan in tricky situations in Smoke and Mirrors and The Lady of Mercia, a waterlogged Doctor and Romana in Phantoms of the Deep and a parallel world in The Apocalypse Mirror. Outside these Doctor Who releases, there's also a big helping of Blake's 7 in the fourth Liberator Chronicles box set and Paul Darrow's book, Lucifer, and the start of a new Dark Shadows run with The Phantom Bride.

'But where's Nick been all this time?' you ask. Well, that's covered as well. Plus there's a chance to donate to a charitable quest, a brand new competition, some surprise clips and Nick tackles the big questions, most notably the actual location of Slough. And there's a sudden promotion!

All this and more in the brand new Big Finish podcast, which you can download or stream now! And if you have any questions or comments for a future podcast, or indeed the answer to the latest competition, you can send all those things in to

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