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Doctor Who, Questions, Answers and Theme Tunes (July #11)

Doctor Who, Questions, Answers and Theme Tunes (July #11)

24 July 2013

A gentle, friendly podcast today in case you're feeling a bit podcasted out with all the recent releases. Nick Briggs and Paul Spragg are back with your e-mails - and the competition winners!

It's back to the office for the second (count 'em!) of today's podcasts. Once you've finished your taster of The Confessions of Dorian Gray, why not drop in on executive producer Nick Briggs and executive irritant Paul Spragg to hear the latest news and views from Big Finish?

It's very much about questions this week, as we reveal the answer to our latest competition and announce the winners, and answer queries sent in by you, the listening several. Find out which TV themes the boys have trouble remembering, whether people want to hear cast lists read out at the end of productions, the motto of Big Finish and exactly what caused last week's technical problems.The answers will shock you. Possibly. Unless they don't.

Either way, download or stream our latest instalment now, and if you have any questions for future podcasts, just mail us at

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