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February #5: Leap Day Extended Edition

February #5: Leap Day Extended Edition

29 February 2012

Feature length podcast with Nick Briggs, David Richardson, Paul Spragg, Jason Haigh-Ellery and Richard Dinnick.

It's Leap Day! And while you're waiting for Leap Day William to arrive and offer you candy in exchange for tears, we have what can best be described as a feature-length podcast for you, starring Nick Briggs, David Richardson, Paul Spragg and many more!

After a brief introduction, there's a chance to hear Nick Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery and Richard Dinnick leading a Big Finish panel at the recent Gallifrey One Network 23 event, answering your questions and eating *Warning! Warning!* some crisps.

Then it's back to the UK for the boys to pick some winners of our previous competition out of a UNIT beret and set a new one, and to top it all off another chance to listen to the Toby Hadoke Podcast, the comedian, writer and actor's first foray into podcasting which we'll be hosting on the Big Finish website.

Plus: Bob! Pants! David Richardson trying to spoil all of Nick's *ahem* carefully prepared links! Paul Spragg being woefully unprepared for literally everything!

Don't miss out, download or stream the podcast now! And if you'd like to enter the competition or drop us a line, the address is

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