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March 2012 #1 - Catch up and Blake's 7 at BFD2

March 2012 #1 - Catch up and Blake's 7 at BFD2

7 March 2012

Nick, David and Paul take a look at the latest releases and look back at the Blake's 7 panel at Big Finish Day 2.

Gathered once more in the office, executive producer Nick Briggs, line producer David Richardson and employee of the year Paul Spragg take a look at some February titles that were overlooked in the rush of last month, namely The Companion Chronicles: The Selachian Gambit, Graceless 2 and Bernice Summerfield: Road Trip and The Weather on Versimmon. But there's also time for some dress-up, listener feedback, an anecdote about David Tennant's wedding reception and some flawless comic timing from Mr Richardson.

Of course, that wouldn't fill out an entire podcast (thankfully), so we also bring you the Blake's 7 panel from Big Finish Day 2! It includes a nine-strong contingent of people, namely producer David Richardson, sound designer Alistair Lock, writers Simon Guerrier, Nigel Fairs and Peter Anghelides, script editor Justin Richards, director Lisa Bowerman, Anthony Howell, who plays Nyrron, and the legendary Paul Darrow, the once and future Avon.

Find out how the first box set of Liberator Chronicles was put together - and lots more besides - when you scamper off to download or stream the podcast now!

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