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March 2012 #3: Jago and Litefoot Special

March 2012 #3: Jago and Litefoot Special

21 March 2012
Categories: Jago & Litefoot, Podcast

It's a big day for Doctor Who fans; the TV series has a new companion. But over at Big Finish Towers, though, there are only two names on everybody's lips: Jago and Litefoot!

Executive producer Nick Briggs, producer David Richardson and director Lisa Bowerman gather to discuss the latest series of adventures for everyone's favourite investigators of infernal incidents, once more portrayed with effervescent effusiveness by the incomparable Trevor Baxter and Christopher Benjamin.

Once again joined by the magnificent Louise Jameson as Leela, this time our superlative sleuths' adventures feature Jago falling in love! An encounter with Oscar Wilde! The sinister Kempston and Hardwick! And lurking in the shadows, the mysterious Professor Claudius Dark...

Hear clips from all four stories and learn the behind the scenes secrets of series four (available now for CD and download), when you download or stream the podcast now!

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In celebration of one last hurrah for the infernal investigators, Messrs Jago & Litefoot, you can get titles from the Jago & Litefoot back catalogue with up to 50% off – and in some cases even more! Corks!

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