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The Big Finish Podcast - 2015 Review April-June

The Big Finish Podcast - 2015 Review April-June

11 January 2016

Nicholas Briggs continues his round up of 2015 - with a little help from his friends...

Still trapped in an obscure bedroom-like Narnia dimension, Nicholas Briggs continues his New Year quest to review all of Big Finish's output of 2015!

But while reminising over Doctor Who: Damaged Goods, Survivors: Series 2 and Terrahawks: Series 1, a terrifying email notification bleep threatens to infect the entire podcast.

Can Nicholas turn to his friends for help? Who at Big Finish is likely to own a Mac? And will a hasty Facetime call spell disaster for all? The answer to these and other, far more relevant questions await in the next installment of the Big Finish podcast...

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