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The Big Finish Podcast - Benji Clifford (August #03)

The Big Finish Podcast - Benji Clifford (August #03)

8 August 2016

Exec Producer Nick Briggs and sound designer/composer Benji Clifford are here with all the latest from Big Finish Productions.

As well as being this podcast's highly entertaining co-host, Benji is also the subject of this week's interview, letting us in on his strange but thoroughly appropriate obsession with 'retro-sound'... something that he and Nick have in common. There's also a chance to hear some of Benji's music.

There are, of course more emails from our loyal listeners and many, many trailers and clips. And remember, you can email us at

The 'Randomoid Selectortron' (that's Benji choosing something from a shelf) turns up a real gem from the past, forcing Nick to reveal all sorts of outrageous anecdotes, including some revelations about his own 'bitter paranoia'. Surely not!

And fans of Ian Atkins and Sue Cowley will be beside themselves with excitement at the knowledge that they are (largely) silently present throughout the preceedings.

This podcast will also be available on iTunes and Soundcloud, but why not download or stream it right here? Just click one of the lovely buttons below.

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