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The Big Finish Podcast - Big Finish Day 8 (Part 2)

The Big Finish Podcast - Big Finish Day 8 (Part 2)

2 February 2016

The Big Finish Day 8 'party' continues, with some recommendations straight from the audience...

After boring their listenship half to tears with their own recommendations, Nick and Joe hear from a fan who's actually able to remember some releases from more than two years ago.

Thanks to a friendly chap by the name of Ian, we reminice over some classic titles, including Doctor Who: Urgent Calls, Doctor Who Unbound: Masters of War and 2000AD - Strontium Dog: Fire from Heaven.

Plus it's the return of the Big Finish Competition music! Not with a competition mind, but just as an excellent excuse to taunt Joseph Lidster. All part of the fun!

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