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The Big Finish Podcast - Companion Chronicles, Short Trips and Baskervilles! (April #7)

The Big Finish Podcast - Companion Chronicles, Short Trips and Baskervilles! (April #7)

18 April 2016

Another bumper Big Finish podcast has arrived! This week, Nicholas Briggs explores the exciting future of our Doctor Who Short Trips and Companion Chronicles ranges - and Sherlock Holmes' most famous mystery continues!

Big Finish Executive Producer, Chief Podcaster and resident Great Detective Nicholas Briggs is back in his office chair, with another bumper podcast focusing on two much-loved Doctor Who ranges - The Companion Chronicles and Short Trips.

In an exclusive interview with range producer Ian Atkins, Nick discovers the secrets from the future of both series, including new information on Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Second Doctor Box-Set Volume 1 and Sheridan Smith's long awaited return to Big Finish in Doctor Who - Short Trips: The Curse of the Fugue.

Nick also speaks with Ian's less talented and infinitely more annoying office counterpart Joe Smith for a round-up of all the latest news, releases and readers emails; along with a few Third Doctor secrets that probably shouldn't have been mentioned...

Then it's off to Baskerville Hall for the third instalment of our serialisation of Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles

All this plus: rare and previously unheard recordings of Britain's very best train announcements! 

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Also, why not tell us about your favourite Spragg-tastic moment, featuring our late, great friend and colleague, Paul Spragg in one of his many, highly entertaining podcastion moments?

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