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The Big Finish Podcast - Dan Dare & The Prisoner (September #04)

The Big Finish Podcast - Dan Dare & The Prisoner (September #04)

12 September 2016

Nick Briggs, Benji Clifford, Dan Dare, Number 6... They're all here! A special Dan Dare Day edition with cast interviews and a special offer.

Here's a helpful guide to what's happening in a packed podcast of delights. You can of course listen to the whole thing in one go, or you can navigate to these time-locations to find the bit you're particularly interested in.

00:00 - Welcome, introductions and Podcast Menu.

02.33 - The Dan Dare News. All the latest about this exciting December release from B7 Productions, available from Big Finish.

05.15 - Big Finish Listeners' Emails.

07.01 - Postage Issues. A detailed response to an email.

14.11 - General emails resume.

20.13 - The Patrick McGoohan email.

28.57 - Dan Dare Feature. Guest star interviews with Ed Stoppard (Dan Dare), Geoff McGivern (Digby) and Raad Rawi (The Mekon) - plus clips!

36.07 - The Randomoid Selectortron. A randomly selected, random release from the Big Finish archive. Anecdotes abound!

46.05 - The Latest Releases. Trailers and clips of the latest Big Finish productions to be released.

52.25 - The Prisoner 'Departure and Arrival'. Part 2 of our serialization of the first episode of our audio re-imagining of the 1967 TV cult classic.

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