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The Big Finish Podcast - Sophie Aldred (January #02)

The Big Finish Podcast - Sophie Aldred (January #02)

8 January 2017

Nick Briggs and Benji Clifford are back together, presenting all the latest on Big Finish's audiobooks and audio drama. The guest star is Doctor Who companion Sophie Aldred.


WARNING! There's a long deviation about Benji's 1970s Christmas Party and colour and black and white televisions. But naturally, it's utterly fascinating.

The Big Finish News - all the latest from Big Finish, with a really stunning exclusive!

Listeners' Emails - a bumper package of emails to make up for the two week regular podcast hiatus over the Christmas holidays, featuring at least two serious answers to two serious questions. You can join in simply by emailing

Guest Star interview - Sophie Aldred ventures into Nick's hotel bedroom for a little chat. And it's truly fascinating. Includes authentic curtain foley!

The Randomoid Selectortron - Nick is seriously flabbergasted by the selection of a random release from the Big Finish archive.

The Latest Releases - a breathless round-up of what's currently available from Big Finish.

Absent Friends - nominated for a BBC Audio Drama Award, this Eighth Doctor Doom Coalition adventure is teased here with a sizeable slice of audio. Unmissable.

This podcast has been released a day early, in case you needed something exciting to listen to on a Sunday afternoon! You can download or stream it simply by clicking one of the helpful little grey buttons below.

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