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Doctor Who - Short Trips - Released Items


Released April 2018

8.04. Erasure

Download US $2.99

Starring Seán Carlsen

10/10 “Don’t worry if you’ve not followed the Gallifrey spin-off audio series – everything you need to know about the characters is provided – a...

The Turn of the Screw

Released March 2018

8.03. The Turn of the Screw

Download US $2.99

Starring Yee Jee Tso

"Robson provides an all action story set in Puerto Rico and it is tremendous fun, if a touch grittier than we might usually expect… Yee Jee Ts...


Released February 2018

8.02. Mel-evolent

Download US $2.99

Starring Bonnie Langford

"a very enjoyable story thanks to a brilliant script that is effortlessly brought to life by Bonnie Langford... Everyone deserves a lot of prais...

The Authentic Experience

Released January 2018

8.01. The Authentic Experience

Download US $2.99

Starring Nicola Bryant

"9/10 A very authentic experience indeed – and a great start to 2018 for the Short Trips range." SciFi Bulletin

"Bryant works gamely to crea...


Released December 2017

7.X. Landbound

Download US $0.00

Starring Nicholas Briggs

95% "I cannot recommend “Landbound” enough – it’s a fantastic character-driven short story and an absolute steal as a free download. There reall...

O Tannenbaum

Released December 2017

7.12. O Tannenbaum

Download US $2.99

Starring Peter Purves

Doctor Who: Short Trips Monthly is a series of new short stories read by an original cast member.

Release #36 is a First Doctor and Steven s...

The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius

Released November 2017

7.11. The Ingenious Gentleman Adric of Alzarius

Download US $2.99

Starring Matthew Waterhouse

"Matthew Waterhouse is utterly superb, he really is, 10/10", Planet Mondas

"If you’ve never heard a Short Trip written by Julian Richards, I...

All Hands on Deck

Released October 2017

7.10. All Hands on Deck

Download US $2.99

Starring Carole Ann Ford

"‘All Hands on Deck’ is perhaps one of the most thought provoking and heart-breaking stories ever released by Big Finish. The success of the pie...

A Heart on Both Sides

Released September 2017

7.09. A Heart on Both Sides

Download US $2.99

Starring Sarah Sutton

"As I said in my previous review the Short Trips are nice bite sized stories designed to be consumed in a single sitting. And this one had me gr...

The British Invasion

Released August 2017

7.08. The British Invasion

Download US $2.99

"It’s hard to find any fault with The British Invasion, one of those lovely occasions when everything falls perfectly into place. 10/10", Blogto...


Released July 2017

7.07. Flashpoint

Download US $2.99

Starring Sheridan Smith

"This kind of 'stream of anxiousness' narrative is an ideal medium for Sheridan to revisit Lucie... Along with its other virtues, Flashpoint is ...

How to Win Planets and Influence People

Released June 2017

7.06. How to Win Planets and Influence People

Download US $2.99

Starring Rufus Hound

"This script is full of some real gems. The idea of letting The Monk in front of an audience is perfect for both the character and Rufus Hound w...


Released May 2017

7.05. Falling

Download US $2.99

Starring Anneke Wills

"Anneke Wills has a voice that can be listened to for hours, and in Falling she quickly finds the voices of all four characters... manages to ge...

The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 2

Released April 2017

7.04. The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 2

Download US $2.99

Starring Trevor Baxter, Christopher Benjamin

"...A story that delights in the etymological supererogation of the English language, Baxter and Benjamin swilling vowels and consonants around ...

The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 1

Released March 2017

7.03. The Jago & Litefoot Revival Act 1

Download US $2.99

Starring Christopher Benjamin, Trevor Baxter

"A joy from beginning to end imbued with a warmth and a depth of character, wonderfully performed with exceptional sound design. A triumphant ne...

Gardeners' Worlds

Released February 2017

7.02. Gardeners' Worlds

Download US $2.99

Starring Tim Treloar

"If Alan Bennet had abandoned his life’s work, then formed a writing partnership with John Wyndham and they had both dedicatd themselves to craf...

The World Beyond The Trees

Released January 2017

7.01. The World Beyond The Trees

Download US $2.99

Starring Nicola Walker

"A very good start to 2017’s releases. 9/10", Sci-Fi Bulletin

"I urge you to dedicate half an hour of your day to this story. It’s a beautif...

Forever Fallen

Released December 2016

6.X. Forever Fallen

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Starring Nicholas Briggs

"Just occasionally you find a new writer who absolutely nails the distinctive traits of one of your favourite characters," - Sci-Fi Bulletin


The Hesitation Deviation

Released December 2016

6.12. The Hesitation Deviation

Download US $2.99

Starring Lisa Bowerman

"It’s always a treat to have a Bernice-centred story, and narrator Lisa Bowerman has never been better here," - Mass Movement

"I was actuall...

The Man Who Wasn't There

Released November 2016

6.11. The Man Who Wasn't There

Download US $2.99

Starring India Fisher

"I must admit I didn’t always pay much mind to the ‘Short Trips’ range. I used to be a bit of a ‘full cast’ snob, so these stories just didn’t c...


Released October 2016

6.10. Rulebook

Download US $2.99

Starring Nicola Bryant

"To a new Doctor Who writer there can be no greater accolade than to be compared to Robert Holmes, but this story really is a Holmesian pastiche...

A Full Life

Released September 2016

6.09. A Full Life

Download US $2.99

Starring Matthew Waterhouse

"I was even tempted to write a one word review, just one word 'Exceptional'," - Planet Mondas

"A Full Life exemplifies everything brilliant ...


Released August 2016

6.08. Damascus

Download US $2.99

Starring Tim Treloar

"This is a marvellous story, just gets better with each revisit, and fits into the Short Trips stable perfectly." - Mass Movement Magazine


The Blame Game

Released July 2016

6.07. The Blame Game

Download US $2.99

Starring Rufus Hound

"If you know anyone who is saying that 2016 isn’t a year for Doctor Who; I implore you to make them listen to this release, you’ll soon change t...

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